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5 minutes to discover your unique path 
out of the grind and into your flow

Meet the Flow Coach

👨‍👧‍👧  Father of two daughters

🦈  Ex-Speaker for Shark Tank’s Daymond John
🏠  Millionaire at 21 yrs old (real estate)
💰  Sold $10M+ from stages
🎤  Only Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer in US
🍄  Proud psychonaut and Burner
⚛️  Co-founder of Alliance of Conscious Entrepreneurs

There are 4 Paths to FLOW

(and ONLY ONE is right for you)

The 5 Minute quiz helps you understand yourself better so you can escape the grind and reach your full potential by living in flow.
  • Think Better: Maximizing the value you bring to your business
  • Act Smarter: Leveraging your strengths and avoiding common mistakes
  • Hire Like a Boss: Teaming up with people who complement your type and keep you in flow
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